Forever A Legend

The legend of the C10 starts with how a utilitarian pickup truck was transformed by General Motors Corporation to ‘ride more like a car’ in 1960. They gave a new definition to the people by adding a new style to the way pickup trucks could be used. No longer were they just used for the purpose of transporting cattle, produce etc. A group of friends planning a camping trip? well the Chevy C10 would be ideal for that.
It was the best-selling truck of its time and made a statement that is still evident today. A truck that was so functional for the masses, the streets still echo with the sound of the C10s roar!
A body made to stand the test of time; a chassis stronger than a normal car and a suspension so stable you could barely feel a nudge – The Chevrolet C10 became a classic.
C10 gave us the freedom to explore. We could modify it to fit our personality whether it be Lowriding or off-roading.