When I first thought of the idea of starting an apparel business, it all came to me around the time I got My first C10. The desire for the second generation truck (67-72) came, as like many enthusiasts, either You grew up with one in the family or someone in the neighborhood, or just someone You knew had one. The Guy that inspired Me was a cat named “Skinner.” He had a couple, at different times. One was a LWB lowrider, sounded amazing. Then He found a stepside, turned it into a lowrider with a big motor also sounded amazing. So from then on I knew I had to have one of that generation.

Now My journey for one of these pickups begin. It was around ’97, I was working at the landfill (dump) in Lakeland FL. An Old Gentleman pulled up to dump some stuff, I couldn’t resist because it was the truck I was wanting. Reflecting back to “Skinner” in His, so I decided to throw it out there to see what He would say. I first said,” nice truck”, immediately after I asked “do You wanna sell it”? without hesitation He said “YEAH!” I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I got His info went and looked more at it. It was a 1971 Cheyenne 10 LWB with moon hub caps! FREAKING NICE! THEN in 1971, this truck was the loaded package. Paid $900 cash! Happiest time of My 21 y.o. life! Man, I slowly worked on it, got it painted, wheels, lowered by heating the springs! it had a 305 ci motor in it, changed that to a 350/350 trans with a shift kit, will bark tires when shifting to second gear. I LOVED THAT TRUCK! As years passed and drove it everywhere, I had the motor and trans rebuilt in 2005. In that same year, some SCOUNDREL STOLE IT! I never heard a peep from it again! My 1st c10 STOLEN Oct. 18 2005 a week after My birthday. I WAS HEARTBROKEN! 2 YEARS later 2007 I found My ’72 that I drive now. Never got to make it pretty like the ’71 but its more modern!

The whole FOREVER C10- C10 THEN C10 NOW FOREVER C10 speaks to the C0 community that has kept these iconic trucks on the road after all of these years! The evolution of this truck truck that speaks to a CORNUCOPIA of Enthusiasts with never ending ideas in their mind’s eye of building a BAD ASS C10! C10 THEN is the year of the truck’s birth. Whether its a GEN 1 60-66 GEN 2 67-72 OR GEN 3 73-87! C10 NOW is all the iconic trucks that haven’t been CRUSHED, that has SURVIVED over the decades or was SAVED by a C10 Lover to make their Own creation like the ones We so often see today! THERE ARE SOME BAD ASS C10’s in this country! From the North to the South to the East to the West Forever C10 story is just that!!

Forever C10 is all about the Aficionados in the C10 world that feels like Me. Express Yourself and Represent with Forever C10! Forever C10 is a brand not a Club. I want this brand to be one COLOSSAL FAMILY AFFAIR! I want to build a huge FOREVER C10 FAMILY! FOREVER C10 speaks to the GENUINE LOVE for these trucks! As the word FOREVER is defined: FOR ALL FUTURE TIME; FOR ALWAYS; CONTINUALLY. The C10 is definately apropos for an apropos adjective! Let’s take FOREVER C10 somewhere! I need Your help to do so! Represent with Me! TOGETHER We can GROW FOREVER C10 into a COLOSSAL COMMUNITY! Your PASSION for Your Own truck or even someone You know and love can help this brand grow! I would love Your SUPPORT, for You to EXPRESS YOUR LOVE THROUGH FOREVER C10. WE’RE NOT A CLUB WE’RE A BRAND! IF YOU ARE WEARING FOREVER C10 APPAREL, YOU BELIEVE IN THIS MOVEMENT. YOU SUPPORT FOREVER C10 AND WE THANK YOU! 


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